Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fighting for Mom

About a month ago my mom started having a lot of pains in her body and some internal bleeding. She has not been able to sleep at night because of the pains that keep her awake. A week later she went to the doctor. The checked her out and found something very wrong. Not being able to describe or have knowledge of what it exactly was wrong, the doctors very words were, "this doesn't look good at all". From my mom being a nurse for 11 years, she began to diagnose the problem herself. To her own knowledge and experience she said it might be cancer.

As of today we still do not know exactly what it is yet. Tomorrow 10/17, we should be getting word from the Doctor the results and if not tomorrow then it will be within the week. Please pray and fight against any illness or disease. I have Faith that she is already healed. Nothing can keep God's people down, and nothing is impossible for Jesus. Fire of Jesus consume her body and burn up any Disease!

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